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most hated

Posted on: March 23, 2008 9:23 pm

This team went from just an ordinary team,to most hated in less then 10 years.And you know what idc..i actualy love it.

all this hate now to the Patriots..i just sit back and laugh about it..cuz they won. ppl started liking them..cuz they were the new winners..and bandwagoners came. they kept winning now some of those ppl have jumped off and are haters now..and i love it..
calling them spys and cheaters and saying they should get there championships stripped..when all of the teams in the nfl do it..the nfl has admitted this..and u know damn well that if your team was caught doing it u would be prefectly fine with hope off the patriots back and wait for your team to beat them..or stop with the whinning..

people where trying to throw the patriots perfect season all year even before it started..all of you were scared admit it. so first they come out with the spy scandle...doesnt effect them they win 16 in a row..they get to the playoffs then supposly Randy Moss hits a woman ..right before the play offs..they make it to the superbowl anyway..and still right before the superbwol they want to ask Tom Brady and bill about the spy scandle and bring it up more..right before a superbowl game..i believe the game was fixed beofre it started..and when i saw how many non calls there were..i knew the refs were in on it..the commisioner stired this all up all get ratings..and it turned into the most watched superbowl ever..cuz everyone wanted to see the patriots lose.

watch the whole game again and just count how many seconds the balls out of tom bradys hands and how many time hes still getting hit low..and high by to ppl late..and no call.

and a couple of the challenges haha.

idk why paul tagliabue resigned..cuz i dont like the new commish

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